Sunday, December 16, 2012

I was off for 2.5 weeks recently and I did absolutely nothing and it was fabulous!!! Seriously, I slept in every day, went to the gym in the morning and watched TV all afternoon! I did a nice big "spring" clean and gave many things away but most importantly I allowed my brain to just shut down and relax!

I was invited to a cottage for the weekend and agreed before I found out it was a Meat Retreat with 10 people, 3 of whom I knew! What!?! I had my doubts I mean hello I don't eat meat and that was the whole point of the weekend but I am sooooo happy that I went! I met some amazing new friends and have not laughed that hard in a very very long time! We played silly games, went for a hike in the snow, drank far too much and just relaxed! Everyone got along famously and I ate my veggie chili while they made sausage....gross to watch!

One of the fellas even made me a sock it!!

On my last day of vacation I went for a hot stone massage at my favorite spa! I was so freaking relaxed I stayed in the Zen room afterwards for a long time and almost fell asleep! I then used one of those coupon things a friend had given me for the IHOP and had a yummy free lunch!

So I'm rested and rejuvenated and go back to work for 11 days and then I'm off again for another 11 woo hooo!!!


wigsf3 said...

IHOP is my idea of Heaven. The friend that gave you the coupon. KEEPER!

Claire said...

Awesome. I'm so glad you had this time to reset and relax!

Christielli said...

I'm glad that your break allowed you to rejuvenate. It's so important.

I find it hilarious that a vegetarian was invited to a meat retreat, but I'm glad you had lots of fun! :)